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About Us

WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS LAW GROUP, PLLC is a law firm dedicated exclusively to our clients. We are client friendly and our service is second to none. We work hard for our clients and our word is our bond. We promise never to leave you alone or allow you to go it alone. We have won death penalty cases and cases that other attorney ran away from. We have been legally helping people for a combined 97 years and the law is our passion. 


The Firm was actually formed nearly 100 years ago in Lancaster Texas by the Williams Family as Williams Law Group.  It became the largest Law Firm in southern area of Dallas and had over 30 lawyers. The Firm became well known throughout Texas and represented thousands of clients in the area.  As the Williams family grew older and their successors began to step away from The Firm, the Williams family turned to friends to assume The Firm.  At the beginning of 2019 it was decided to re-brand The Firm to Williams & Williams Law Group, PLLC.  Although Jason Williams is still involved from time to time with The Firm, being over 100 years old has slowed him down some, but not that much.  The Firm is growing and working with the Williams family to bring it back to its best days and beyond.

Some people can afford to pay large firms, large fees. At WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS LAW GROUP, PLLC we also work with everyday people to help them when they feel alone in any legal actions and processes. Our practice involves criminal law, civil law, corporate law, entertainment law, real estate law, post-conviction law, maritime law, personal injury law, slip and fall, employment law, immigration law, constitutional law violations, divorce law, appellate law, appellate brief, and EB5 foreign immigrant investment program.  Yes we are verse in many practices and can determine the best approach for your potential legal needs.

At WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS LAW GROUP, PLLC we stand ready, willing and able to serve you and just one phone call away. One call that's all. Please call our office to schedule a consultation to determine if you have a case and how it should be handled. Meet with us and discuss your legal matter and feel better about the results. When you meet with us, you will know our lawyers are the right ones to handle your case. We will use the initial consultation to help you decide which lawyer or lawyers will be the best for your case.

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